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Developed to make learning fun

Robots in Schools helps educators to embrace the future. We believe that robotics is the next big wave in technology, and we want our children to have the opportunity to be at the forefront.

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Q. I am not in the UK, how can I buy Edbot in my country?

A. We sell Edbot in the UK. If you are outside the UK and are an educator who wishes to demonstrate Edbot to schools and help develop your market, please contact us. Commercial sales outside the UK are handled by existing Robotis distributors.

Q. Edbot is based on a Robotis Mini. How is it different?

A. We trialled many different robots before selecting Robotis Mini as the best device for Edbot. The most obvious difference is that Edbot comes fully assembled, while Robotis Mini is a kit.

Q. If I buy a Robotis Mini kit, can I use the Edbot control software?

A. No. We sell Edbot as an integrated package of hardware, software and lesson plans. The Edbot software is licensed to the Bluetooth address of each Edbot.

Q. Do you sell Edbot for home use, or is it just for schools?

A. Our focus initially is on schools. We may make Edbot more widely available later.

Q. Do you have a reseller program?

A. Yes. Contact us for details using the 'Contact' page. Please note, for commercial sales outside the UK you need to be an existing Robotis distributor.

Q. I am an educational consultant. How can I use Edbot in the work I do with schools?

A. Some of our best customers are educational consultants who purchase Edbots to integrate into their existing work. If you are a consultant and are outside the UK, please contact us as we are interested in developing your market.

Q. My Edbot is broken, how can I get it repaired?

A. We offer a repair service. Contact us and tell us the nature of the problem. In most cases, we'll ask you to send your Edbot to us, we'll fix it, and send it back to you. If the problem arose from a product or manufacturing fault, and you're within a year of purchase, it should be covered under warranty. In all other cases a repair fee and postage will be charged.