Edbot and Edbot Dream

In Classrooms

How Edbot works in classrooms.

IN CLASSROOMS, Edbot is shared by multiple students

Edbot's software runs over your network. This means that unlike many other robots, a single Edbot can be shared by multiple students. The connection to Edbot is made over Bluetooth, and because the control software is networked, only one Bluetooth-equipped PC is required per class. The teacher selects which PC is assigned control of the Edbot. Students take it in turns to run their code.

How many do we need?

We are often asked how many Edbots are required for a class. It is possible to use one Edbot for classes up to 30 students. The videos above were shot in a class of 25. With more Edbots, students don't have to wait as long for their turn and you can play games such as football, but one device is still adequate.