Edbot and Edbot Dream

Lesson Plans

Edbot brings the ICT curriculum to life

Across the world, coding is becoming part of the standard ICT curriculum. Edbot helps help teachers deliver the curriculum with ready-prepared lessons designed to engage the whole class.

Below are two free downloads - a set of eight 'beginner' lesson, and eight 'advanced' lessons. Each set is designed to fit into one term or semester. The 'advanced' set are extensions of the 'beginner' lessons, allowing teachers to refer back to content learned previously.

Each also comes with scratch templates, and video examples are provided here.

Our Scratch lessons are based on a contemporary ICT curriculum. These are created to be used as part of UK curriculum levels KS2 & KS3. This equates to US Grades 4 - 6, and 7 - 9, and in age from c. 8 - 11 y/o and 12 - 15 y/o. We provide two terms/semesters worth of plans.

Our products are also in use around the world for students at levels KS4 / GCSE / A-Level / SAT / Baccalaureate, and in higher education. For teachers at these levels, we provide extensive documentation, and we support PythonJavascript and other higher-level programming languages.